Done Right


A complete member profile

See everything related to the student directly on the profile. FlashPoint's approach to managing large volumes of information related to a single student is fast, neat and effective. Find a complete class history, related documents and everything else under the sun. This approach maintains an organized and tidy view while providing easy access to all student related content.


The class profile

We left no stone unturned.  The class support in our education module is extensive... incorporating grades, attendance, lesson plans, related files, related reports and so much more. Design your own tests and quizzes then securely deliver them, electronically to your students... or if you choose, print them out and administer in class. Print class reports and view assignment related statistics.  Get what you want, how you want it, when you want it! 


Class communication

Need to communicate quickly with your students?  Send them an instant text message along with a backup email.  All communication is automatically tracked in the student's record for historical purposes.  Send email's with attachments and CC other recipients.  All this and more is available through the built in communication module available in FlashPoint. All communication is historically preserved and automatically associated with the student's record.


Communicate Comprehensively

With integrated email and texting, your certain to get your message across quickly and efficiently.  All communication is automatically tracked in the student or individual records.  Administrators and instructors can send email messages with attachments to students and/or other personnel.  Communicate with a class or designated groups immediately and efficiently. Filter your students based on criteria and send texts (sms) to get important messages delivered right away.


Text messaging is built right in

Text messaging is built into FlashPoint so that people, irrespective of their role in the system, can be texted through their cell phone for immediate communication.  You have the option to send a back up email with each text to ensure that communication occurs.


Email students

FlashPoint contains embedded email functionality related to all people and/or companies that have email addresses.  FlashPoint makes it easier than ever to communicate with your staff/instructor or student population.