Event Management
Fast and Easy


The events profile

We left no stone unturned.  The class support in FlashPoint is extensive incorporating grades, attendance, lesson plans, related files, related reports and so much more.  You can design your own tests or quizzes and deliver them securely, electronically to your students... or go the old school route and print them out and administer them in class. Print numerous class reports and view related information in numerous different ways.  As usual, you get what you want, how you want it, when you want it! 


Events communication

Need to communicate quickly with your students?  Send them a text message in moments.   Send a back-up email just in case.  All communication is automatically logged against the student's record for historical purposes.  Send email's with attachments and CC other intended recipients.  All this and more is available through the built in communication module that comes standard within FlashPoint.


Manage hundreds of events

The event grid provides an easy way to manage many events in your event history.  Filter down quickly to find the one or a group of events.  Save filters to manage events in the future.