Your complete member employment solution

When your members lose their employment, DRG's FlashPoint provides a simple, yet powerful, Out-of-Work List allows you to review and manage every unemployed member in your organization. You can log and review every single activity taken regarding each job candidate. Adding, updating, and dispatching candidates have never been easier or intuitive. If you wish, you can also allow your members to add themselves to the out of work list.


Job orders that make sense

Perhaps you've had a difficult time correlating your members who need work and companies looking for members. This isn't a problem with FlashPoint! You will be able to create job orders for each company, specify what kind of workers the company needs, and you'll automatically be given a list of the most qualified unemployed workers.


Simplified automation

FlashPoint's Out-of-Work List feature also includes the ability to create standard automated rules for processing unemployed members. You can choose from multiple various actions (such as number of days employed, dues payment delinquency, or repeating activities) to govern various actions on the Out-of-Work List. Now, instead of manually updating a member, everything you need to do can be done in one step. What could be simpler?